7Targets AI Assistants

Product Highlights

Here are some amazing features of 7Targets that make the life of recruiters easy!

  • Automated responses email to conversations
  • Automated email cleanup
  • Deep Intelligent cleanup
  • Prevent emailing existing clients
  • Dynamically generated emails
  • Specific area focused, segment focused engagement
  • Subject line expertise. With AI Scores for each subject line
  • Prevent prospect clients and candidates from getting into a risky situation of getting cold again
  • Coordination between recruiters and clients and candidates to prevent lead conversation drops and lead leaks
  • Open positions based qualifications made easy
  • Learning more about prospects from LinkedIn easier than ever before
  • Super smart usage of out-of-office (ooo) emails, use good phone numbers from ooo emails instead of boarding call numbers

Company Brochure

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Product Summary

Automated follow-ups like never before!

Product Details

In 2013, we had our first startup. We hired those salespeople who could not understand the primary meaning of cloud, that was what we were selling. It was difficult to train the people about cloud. It was easy to train machines rather than humans. So that's what we did, and it was the birth of the concept itself, which forms the basic biography. Conceptualization of the idea was in 2013 and then implementation of the idea evolved over 4-5 years, while we were working at our first company and in 2019 we thought it would be amazing to have a focused company that sells the solution to others as well.

Seeing the success of the first company, we were able to grow our first company to more than 100 customers within four years where the revenue was greater than $56 million. So to replicate this success for many other customers, we started this company 7Targets in 2019. The same founders of the first company are the founders of the second company as well.

The vision of the company is to provide AI sales assistant to every small and medium company and help them scale rapidly. We observed many large companies have also started adopting AI sales assistants and that's our vision.

Product Key Info

Free Trial Period: Yes

Free Version: Yes

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Mobile App: Yes