Best practices for virtual team meetings

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Benefigo Team | Dec 01, 2021, 01:00 am IST


Work from Home Tips and Tricks: - Become more than familiar with the chosen platform…be proficient (this reduces anxiety) - Know all the ins and outs of mute/unmute, using the chat, recording the meeting, screen sharing - Do a soundcheck - Communicate agenda in advance - Start and end on time - Meet, greet, and introduce (needed for engagement) - Use 2-3 second pauses to avoid stepping on each other’s words - Use polls, chat feature, raising hands, contests, and more for increased engagement - Control comments if things need to go offline – don’t let people highjack the agenda - Ensure all that needs to be said is covered before you “announce” the end of the meeting – people logoff very quickly and might miss vital closing info Virtual Manners - Did you prepare a pre-meeting checklist? - Log on 5 minutes early – gather your thoughts while in the waiting room - 73% of people are multitasking – assume people are not 100% focused - Mute yourself when asked and also stay muted when not speaking - Close other windows on your computer to allow better concentration - Turn the phone off – better yet, put it away - Stay put…no wandering around as “hot spots” can cause connection loss and voice doesn’t sound as steady - When on camera, raise your hand when wishing to speak - No typing unless on mute - Turn the camera off if you can’t give your full attention - Put in chat, “excuse me a moment” as needed (washroom) - No eating, no slurping – yikes! - No pets in lap although studies show they are more accepted than children - Choose your attire carefully, and please, no wrinkles

50% of people have seen something they consider unacceptable during a virtual meeting
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