Job rotation - Effective utilization of available human resources

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Benefigo Team | Dec 01, 2021, 01:00 am IST


Job rotation is one of the trending HR activities that is gaining ground in the present-day job market. It involves assigning multiple tasks to the employees, causing shifts in their current roles and changing their present responsibilities. Job rotation is beneficial for both the employees and the employer. It not only enhances the overall employee experience but also helps an organization to retain talent and use the right minds for the right tasks. Here are some ways in which job rotation can help your company: Eradicates boredom: There is nothing as bad as work being boring and unexciting. When work becomes mundane and becomes devoid of any new challenges, employees lack interest and tend to switch companies. Job rotation prevents this while creating opportunities for an employee to look beyond his specific job role in the overall functioning of the company. Tests employees’ skills: Different employees work differently. In this process of job rotation, you can select employees and place them in completely different job roles entrusting them with newer responsibilities. This will help you in finding out which employee is perfect for which role. As a result, you will get a fair idea about the effectiveness of all your employees. Offers learning opportunities: People learn through experiences. When you trust an employee with a different task than what he or she has been doing for long, you expose them to newer possibilities. To do the task well, he or she needs to go through upskilling or reskilling. Job rotation offers great learning scope for employees who are ever-ready to learn about new things and gather more knowledge. Provides flexibility: When you rotate your employees from one task to another, your workforce becomes even more flexible. Your employees can better adapt themselves to the changing roles and responsibilities. Thus, filling up any available position no more remains a problem. Finds convenient replacements: If an employee leaves the company all of a sudden, and you decide not to go for immediate hiring, then a job rotation plan can help you to appoint another existing employee in that very role. In this way, you will have multiple employees being able to do various jobs and perform different tasks. This gives you ample time to begin your search for the right candidate who is fit to be hired in that position. Acquaints employees to company operations: At times it happens that an employee belonging to a particular department has very limited knowledge about the working of another department. Job rotation is a great way to make all your employees aware of the various operations that take place within the company. This also contributes towards improved interactions and better bonding among employees. Motivates employees: Employees might start feeling demotivated when they remain stuck with the same job role for a long time. Job rotation enables employees to explore different job areas and learn about these job-related responsibilities. This goes a long way in engaging your employees and driving them towards newer and varied opportunities. Follow and connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube