What is Human Resources Planning? What steps does it involve?

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Benefigo Team | Dec 01, 2021, 01:00 am IST


What is Human Resource Planning? Human resource planning refers to the process of evaluating the current position of the human resources within a company. It also involves predicting the requirements of the future workforce. HRP helps in optimizing the most precious asset of an organisation, i.e., the employees. Through HRP, managers and leaders can predict and develop the skills of the future within their employees. What are the steps of Human Resource Planning? Analyse the organizational objectives: Start with a thorough analysis of what your organization stands for. Once you study the goals and objectives closely, relate the human resource planning with the rest of the organisational plans. Your plan should be more focused on the available human resources, rather than the future employees. Create an inventory of present human resources: Find out the present manpower stock in every department within your organization. Maintain a comprehensive bio-data of each employee. Keeping such a record will help you to find out whether your company has a surplus or shortage of manpower. Predict the future workforce demand: This step involves a lot of prediction, planning and being ready for the upcoming days. Have a look at the data collected in the previous step and try to apprehend what the future workforce might be like. Remember to note down any plan or goal that might appear in your prediction. This prediction will give you an idea about where your organization might stand in the coming days. Find out the gaps: Once you have all the information, check if there is any gap in the human resource strategy of your company. Find out if you will be needing to hire more employees to expand your business in future. Also, see to it whether your prediction needs a reallocation of the group members. Once you know about the gaps between your present and future workforce, you can smoothly move on to the next step of the HRP process. Design an action plan: Sit with your teams and draw up an action plan to address and minimize the gaps as far as possible. At first, begin with the theoretical. Then, shift to the more doable steps that can be taken. Implement the HRP but maintain good employee-employer relations. Consolidate and implement the plan: The integration of your HRP with the entire organization is a difficult task. Approach one task at a time. It is helpful, to begin with simple practices such as recruiting, hiring and training. Go slow and introduce the changes gradually. Keep a note of how the implementation of the plan is impacting your business. Monitor, measure and offer feedback: The last step of HRP involves supervising the newly introduced practices along with proper evaluation and adjustments. Observe whether the changes that you made have affected any individual employee. Seek feedback from your workforce. This will give you a clear picture of how effective your HRP strategy has been. You will also be able to take further steps and make changes to your plan.